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BBC Drama Will Be About the Making of Grand Theft Auto

by Shawn Hopkinson March 13, 2015
There’s a Grand Theft Auto TV show coming, but, no, it’s not a gritty, satirical look at crime. It’s not even a Republican Space Rangers cartoon. Instead it will be a 90 minute drama about the people behind the game’s creation. It’s part of the BBC’s Make it Digital initiative to interest kids in tech. […]

World of Speed Adds Volkswagen Golf

by Shawn Hopkinson March 11, 2015
Most racing games put focus on giving you experiences with nearly unobtainable cars. Expensive Lamborghinis, concept cars, classic muscle. Slightly Mad Studios’ World of Speed has those, but with its latest announcement it is seriously bucking this trend, putting you behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Golf. Yeah, it’s the Volkswagen Golf LS (A1) 197 […]

Heists Available Now For GTA Online

by Shawn Hopkinson March 11, 2015
What is there left to say about GTA Online’s Heists content, except, that it’s finally here? Yes, after a long, long delay the ambitious co-op content is now available for consoles, and will be included with the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V when it launches for PC April 14. To mark the launch […]

Heists Size and Achievements Revealed

by Shawn Hopkinson March 10, 2015
Grand Theft Auto Online’s Heist’s content wasn’t supposed to launch until today, but a glitch in the system has revealed the content’s download size and its Achievement list. According to players who say they were able to download it early, the content is 4.2 – 4.8 GB on the Xbox One and around 1.2 GB […]

New Album Will Debut in the PC Release of GTA V

by Shawn Hopkinson March 7, 2015
In addition to higher resolution and a new video editor and other bells and whistles, the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will have one more bonus when it drops April 14. New music. In fact, it will include the debut of a whole new album and an associated radio station. The Alchemist and […]

New Heists Trailer Shows How Teamwork is Essential

by Shawn Hopkinson March 6, 2015
The launch of GTA Online’s Heist’s content is very close now, and Rockstar has released a quick new video showing off some planning for one of the upcoming mode’s jobs. As the video shows, you and the rest of your four-person crew will have to work together closely to successfully pull off all the elements […]

New Modes and Features Hitting GTA Online Along With Heists March 10

by Shawn Hopkinson March 4, 2015
Heists, the long-awaited and much-delayed mode for GTA Online that allows players to pull off ambitious bank jobs and robberies, is finally coming to GTA Online March 10. But that’s not all we’re getting. Rockstar is also adding, in addition to Heists, three new modes called Adversary Modes. These competitive modes pit players against each […]

No World of Speed Beta Until Second Half of 2015

by Shawn Hopkinson March 4, 2015
Slightly Mad Studios recently released a bit of disappointing news for those hoping to get their hands on its upcoming free-to-play racer World of Speed soon. The developers say that recent alpha tests have convinced them to take their ambitious project back to the drawing board a bit. “Based on results of the series of […]

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive’s Final Season Pass DLC Revealed

by Shawn Hopkinson March 4, 2015
Insomniac Games has revealed the second and final planned DLC pack for its over-caffeinated, hyper-saturated shooter Sunset Overdrive. The DLC, with the cheeky title Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines, will be out April 1st and adds a new area and new missions to the game. It’ll see your player invading the Fizzco […]

New High Quality Screens of GTA V on PC

by Shawn Hopkinson March 2, 2015
The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed, but Rockstar Games doesn’t want you to forget about it. To keep you interested while you wait the extra weeks from the game’s original March 24 release date to its new April 14 date, Rockstar has dumped a bunch of droolworthy new screens that […]