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Why Wasn’t GTA VI Teased At E3 2019?

by Todd Blackon June 18, 2019
Where is GTA VI? Wasn’t it supposed to be teased at E3 2019? It’s been over a week now since E3 2019 arrived in Los Angeles and shocked much of the gaming world with new games, new looks at games, and a look to the future of gaming itself. But like every year, there were […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Getting New DLC?

by Todd Blackon June 6, 2019
Could more DLC be coming to Red Dead Redemption 2? What is it if so? If you’ve been hoping for more content for Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re in luck, because a new interview with some of the dev team seems to indicate that this is going to happen soon! Check it out via the […]

Red Dead Online Gets A New Update

by Todd Blackon May 31, 2019
What’s the latest in Red Dead Online? What new modes and features are there? Rockstar Games has added another update to their now out of beta Red Dead Online. And with it comes new story missions, co-op missions, Poker, and more. The revenge saga of Jessica LeClerk continues today with new missions for both honorable […]

Red Dead Online Glitch Allowed For Special Repeated Sale

by Todd Blackon May 24, 2019
Any funny glitches happening in Red Dead Online? What are they? A recurring glitch keeps seeming to pop up in Red Dead Online. Specifically, a glitch that allowed players to duplicate certain items and then sell them to get a bunch of cash. Originally, this happened with fish,and it got the attention of Rockstar to […]

Red Dead Online Has Exited Beta Phase

by Todd Blackon May 16, 2019
Is Red Dead Online going to leave beta soon? What updates will that bring? After months of testing and feedback, Rockstar Games has officially announced that Red Dead Online has left beta. They made this statement on their website: A massive thank you to everyone who participated during the beta period. Your feedback has been […]

Red Dead Online Offers Reward For Rank 10 Achievement By Next Week

by Todd Blackon May 10, 2019
What’s going on with Red Dead Online? Any new rewards to know about? If you’re new to Red Dead Online and are looking for a new incentive to play this weekend, you’re in luck. Because Rockstar Games has just updated the title, and is offering a new reward should you reach a certain rank in […]

gta online

GTA Invades Resident Evil 2

by Todd Blackon April 23, 2019
What new mods are in Resident Evil 2? Anything GTA related? It’s always fascinating to see what gamers will put into the various titles they love in regards to mods. And for Resident Evil 2, they decided to go full GTA by swapping the character skins for Leon and Mr. X to being CJ and […]
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GTA VI Already IN Development?

by Todd Blackon April 20, 2019
When is GTA VI going to be made? Any clues into production? GTA V is one of the best-selling games in history with over 100 million copies sold. Considering it came out in 2013, that’s infinitely impressive. But it has left many wondering, will GTA VI come out sooner, or later? Apparently, it may be […]

Red Dead Online Adds Plunder Showdown Mode

by Todd Blackon April 11, 2019
Any new modes in Red Dead Online? What is it? Rockstar Games continues to make Red Dead Online even more robust by adding new modes to it. And now, the team has unveiled a brand new mode that is live right now, Plunder: In the Red Dead Online Beta’s new Showdown Mode Plunder, frontier resources are […]
gta online

GTA Online Offering Double Cash And Rewards For Certain Events

by Todd Blackon April 11, 2019
What’s the latest on GTA Online? Any special things going on? If you’re looking to make some big money on GTA Online this week, you’re in luck, because Rockstar games just unveiled a plethora of places and events where you can earn double money and rewards. Check it out below: “It’s Lowriders Week in GTA […]