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GTA Online and Red Dead Online Getting Free Weekend On PlayStation

by Todd Blackon February 8, 2019
Any chance I can get a free look at GTA Online? Or maybe Red Dead Online? If you have PlayStation Plus, and you haven’t gotten the opportunity or ability to try out GTA Online or Red Dead Online, you’re in luck. The games are going to be free on the service from February 15th-17th. And […]

GTA Online Continues Halloween Event

by Todd Blackon November 2, 2018
What is GTA Online doing for Halloween? Anything fun? While Halloween is over, they still have events going on until November 5th. You can check them out below: Slasher: The shotgun-wielding Slasher stalks up to seven Hunted, equipped only with flashlights. After three┬áminutes, the Hunted get shotguns of their own to turn the tables on […]

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‘GTA 5 Redux” Graphics Enhancement Mod Has New Release Date

by Peter Paltridgeon August 23, 2016
Last month we told you about GTA 5 Redux, a graphical enhancement mod currently under production by Josh Romito that enhances the visuals of the PC version significantly. The mod would have been released by now, but Josh hit a snag. Romito revealed in a new blog post (which is currently down due to traffic) […]

Cryptic Tweet Suggests Big Announcement From Rockstar Soon

by Peter Paltridgeon August 16, 2016
Rockstar said earlier this month during their quarter earnings report that something big was waiting in the wings, and that they’d they’d reveal it sometime later this year. That time may be coming soon. Today Sony insider Tidux tweeted this from Gamescom: A rock guitar, a star, and the hashtag “PSM” (for PlayStation Meeting). This […]


GTA IV Codes Mistaken For Turkish Coup Communications

by Peter Paltridgeon August 3, 2016
If you didn’t spend all your time playing GTA, you would know Turkey recently suffered through an attempted military coup. If that wasn’t bad enough, the repercussions are even worse, with the shaken Turkish leader (still in power) doubling down on free speech and free will to curb the possibility of another invasion. Indeed, it […]

Aha! “Preliminary” Work Has Begun On GTA 6

by Peter Paltridgeon March 28, 2016
The website TechRadar has published an interview with an unnamed source inside Rockstar who claims “preliminary work” has started on the next Grand Theft Auto game. That only took three years. It’ll probably take another three years to get the finished product, but hey, better this than nothing. The exact location the game will take […]


Brands, Brands, Does Take-Two Have Brands

by Peter Paltridgeon March 10, 2016
Next time you wonder what exactly is taking Take-Two so long putting out anything new relating to GTA that isn’t an update to the online mode, think about this: Take-Two is a busy parent, and it’s got more children than a Quiverfull family in North Texas. At least, this was the way president Karl Slatoff […]

Rockstar Not Interested In “Milking” Its Franchises

by Peter Paltridgeon March 8, 2016
During a business presentation held in New York on Tuesday, Karl Slatoff, president of Take-Two Interactive, was asked why he didn’t seem to be pushing for annual releases for Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead or any of Rockstar’s other popular franchises. EA does it, Activision does it, everybody’s doin’ it — don’t you want to […]

Here’s What GTA III Looked Like Before It Was Programmed

by Peter Paltridgeon March 2, 2016
If you think Grand Theft Auto III looks primitive now compared to where the series is at now, you haven’t seen anything yet. This is as crude as it gets: the planning board that was used to map out the events of the game by region. This is not the ORIGINAL board (wouldn’t that be […]

GTA Series Retold Pokemon Style

by Peter Paltridgeon March 2, 2016
What would the GTA series have been like if it had found success on the Game Boy Color instead of the PS2? Snips and scenes from the entire GTA series have been re-rendered by Hat-Loving Gamer in 8-bit splendor so you can ponder this alternate past. Technically Grand Theft Auto HAS appeared on the Game […]