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GTA Online and Red Dead Online Getting Free Weekend On PlayStation

by Todd Blackon February 8, 2019
Any chance I can get a free look at GTA Online? Or maybe Red Dead Online? If you have PlayStation Plus, and you haven’t gotten the opportunity or ability to try out GTA Online or Red Dead Online, you’re in luck. The games are going to be free on the service from February 15th-17th. And […]

Spider-Man Mod Comes To GTA V

by Todd Blackon January 19, 2019
Any cool mods in GTA right now? Anything superhero themed? GTA V is a game that continues to thrive in spite of the fact that it’s many years old. And now, a new mod has arrived that’ll give you multiple Spider-Man suits for you to go around Los Santos in. Including the PS4 version of […]

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GTA Online Offers Discounts Until The 14th

by Todd Blackon January 11, 2019
What’s the latest discounts for GTA Online? Anything good? A small update has come to GTA Online, and with it comes new chances for you to get some rides you weren’t able to before due to money issues. The following discounts will only be available until the 14th, so make you get them before they […]
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Log Into GTA Online, Get Money!

by Todd Blackon November 20, 2018
What’s the latest with GTA Online? Anything good going on? This holiday weekend, Rockstar Games is offering gamers a very special deal. Mainly, if you log into the game from now until November 26th, you’ll have the opportunity to get $1.35 million in in-game cash. Just logging in once during this period will get you […]

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GTA Online Cheaters Being Targeted By Rockstar Games

by Todd Blackon October 20, 2018
Is Rockstar Games going to crack down on cheating? What steps are they taking? Cheating in video games is something that goes on both knowingly and unknowingly, which is why it’s so bad for many. GTA Online has been having cheating issues for time, but now, Rockstar Games and Take-Two aim to stop it. For […]

Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition Listed On Amazon

by Todd Blackon February 18, 2018
Are there any cool special editions for GTA V? Where can I get them? Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful games in video game history, nearly every month, more and more people buy it. It’s honestly very surprising. And now, to add to that surprise, a new listing on Amazon lists […]

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist Now Available

by Todd Blackon December 12, 2017
Isn’t the Doomsday Heist coming out today? What’s the story behind it again? GTA Online has been a constant source of content for players, and through it, gamers have been able to enjoy the world of Grand Theft Auto in new and exciting ways. But, the newest DLC expansion for the game is going to […]
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Which Fake Internet Is Larger: GTA V’s Or North Korea’s?

by Peter Paltridgeon September 21, 2016
There’s a fake Internet in GTA V that can be accessed from most computers within the game. I’m bringing this up because today, for a brief period the impenetrable firewall surrounding North Korea’s secluded Internet went down, and before it could be raised back up, a Redditor chronicled everything that could be seen there. Unless […]


GTA V Being Used To Teach Self-Driving Cars

by Peter Paltridgeon September 15, 2016
You’ve all heard that self-driving cars are coming. We may not even own cars anymore — we may just wait for one to arrive, direct it to the place we want to go on the map, and have it take us there. In the future, when you’re chilling in the backseat of one of these […]

GTA Online Introduces New Adversary Mode, Entourage

by Peter Paltridgeon August 2, 2016
GTA Online has a new adversary mode, a VIP match known as Entourage. In Entourage, one team is tasked with the job of protecting one of their players — this player has ammunition on his person and is wearing armor, but he needs the extra bodyguards because a gang of assassins (the opposing team) is […]