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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets PC Trailer

by Todd Blackon October 19, 2019
Can we get a look at Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC? Maybe a trailer? It was recently announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 would make its way to PC, and now, a trailer for the PC port has been released:

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets PC Specs Revealed

by Todd Blackon October 11, 2019
What will it take to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on my PC? What are the specs? When it comes to PC gaming, it’s not enough to just have a system to play games on, you need to make sure that the system itself is powerful enough to play the games in full. To that […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming To PC

by Todd Blackon October 5, 2019
Is Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC or not? And if it is, when? There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Red Dead Redemption 2 would come to PC or not. But now, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the game will release on multiple PC platforms this year. But there is […]

Rockstar Games Addresses Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC Rumors

by Todd Blackon September 27, 2019
Will Red Dead Redemption 2 get DLC? What is Rockstar working on? There have been a LOT of rumors recently about what Red Dead Redemption 2 has coming in terms of DLC. Including multiple reports from Australia saying that potential DLC packages were denied ratings. Many people felt this could be the proof of singleplayer […]

Red Dead Online Has Zombies?

by Todd Blackon September 21, 2019
What’s going on in Red Dead Online? Why am I seeing zombies? Red Dead Redemption fans know that when it comes to zombies, their first thoughts go back to the classic Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare expansion that the game got many years ago. But now, in Red Dead Online, a zombie has seemingly appeared […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC Getting Announcement Soon?

by Todd Blackon September 13, 2019
What’s up with all of these Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC teases? Is it real or not? Many Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are confused with the latest state of affairs with the game and its possible DLC. This comes from multiple stories noting that the game has somehow gotten refused classification of sorts in […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Story DLC Leaked?

by Todd Blackon August 22, 2019
Is Red Dead Redemption 2 getting any new story content? What could it be about? Red Dead Redemption 2 was a major hit when it came out last year, and it rocked many people because of its gripping story set in the days of the Wild West before its true fall. But, with the end […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC To “Embarrass” Console Versions?

by Todd Blackon July 11, 2019
How good would Red Dead Redemption 2 look on PC? How would it compare to the console versions? Rumors of a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 have been going on since even before the game launched. But now, things are picking up in a different way. Mainly, dataminers are stating that not only does the […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Port Outed?

by Todd Blackon July 5, 2019
Is Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC or not? What’s the latest rumors on this? Red Dead Redemption 2 was the best-selling game of 2018, and in 2019 it continues to sell well, and for good reason. But, something that many gamers have been wondering is if/when the game is going to get a PC […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Isn’t Responsible For Bond 25’s Delays On Set

by Todd Blackon June 28, 2019
What’s this about Red Dead Redemption 2 delaying James Bond? How does that work? Despite what people believe, there are many famous people who play video games, and that includes directors of big budget films. According to a “source”, director Cary Fukunaga of the upcoming James Bond film had turned up late to shoots because he […]