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lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Will NOT Be Suing Take-Two After All

by Peter Paltridgeon September 1, 2016
Remember when Lindsay Lohan was certain a character in Grand Theft Auto V was based on her and threatened to sue Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive? Today she found out she can’t actually do that. An appeals court threw out her lawsuit, filed in 2014, this week. Turns out there’s something called […]
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Rockstar Doing Just Fine, May Announce Big Game “Soon”

by Peter Paltridgeon August 9, 2016
So how’s Rockstar Games and their publisher Take-Two Interactive doing? Just fine, thanks for asking. The company released their first-quarter earning statements over the weekend, and it was a profitable one — though they did experience a loss. And they’re promising the reveal of some “future projects” soon. The entirety of Take-Two’s public statement is […]

xbox one

Red Dead Redemption Finally Works On XBox One July 8

by Peter Paltridgeon July 5, 2016
It’s been a long time coming, but finally, unbelievably, the single most demanded title in the XBox 360 library will finally work on XBox One. In three days Red Dead Redemption enters the backwards compatibility list — for good, this time. Any version of the disc will work, says Microsoft. “Starting on Friday, every Red […]

No New Games From Rockstar Until At Least Spring 2017

by Peter Paltridgeon May 19, 2016
It’s been rumored that Rockstar Games is working on some new material….unfortunately, it might be a while before any of it gets to our playing boxes. During Take Two’s earnings call, CEO Strauss Zelnick said that the developer of GTA and Red Dead Redemption would not be releasing a new game within the 2016-2017 fiscal […]

gta online

Rockstar Hints At Upcoming GTA Online Features

by Peter Paltridgeon May 9, 2016
A post on the Rockstar Newswire today info-dumped a ton of information regarding future plans for GTA Online. These details included several updates announced for the first time. Without naming names, Rockstar hinted at a sequel to 2015’s “Executives and Other Criminals” update. This update allowed players to achieve “VIP” status and found their own […]
hall of fame

GTA 3 Inducted Into World Video Game Hall of Fame

by Peter Paltridgeon May 5, 2016
The Strong National Museum of Play introduced its World Video Game Hall of Fame last year with its inaugural six inductees: Pong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Doom and World of Warcraft. This year they’ve announced six more influential titles from gaming history will be added to the Hall: Grand Theft Auto 3, The Legend […]

Leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 Map May Be Real

by Peter Paltridgeon April 20, 2016
Last week, a mysterious map was posted on a NeoGAF thread that seemed to be a blueprint for a Red Dead Redemption sequel. The map used some familiar areas while adding some new ones. Then the map disappeared as soon as it was put up, with the explanation “been asked to take it down sorry […]
grand theft auto

GTA Online Still Makes Rockstar Tons Of Money

by Peter Paltridgeon April 12, 2016
We’ve heard rumblings that we’ll eventually be getting a GTA 6, but for those still waiting impatiently for single-player DLC to come to GTA V, that wait may never end. They’re simply making too much money from GTA Online. Today another report came out proving how much. The source this time doesn’t come from Rockstar […]

GTA Online

Former GTA Producer Now Suing Rockstar Games

by Peter Paltridgeon April 12, 2016
Back in January a report started circulating about Leslie Benzies (male), a former producer for Rockstar Games who had now left the company. Rockstar’s statement to the press was that Benzies had taken a long sabbatical and decided, within that vacation time, to quit his job there. But Benzies is claiming quite the opposite, and […]
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Take-Two Over Her GTA V Parody Character

by Peter Paltridgeon March 15, 2016
Lindsay Lohan has been authorized to take developer Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two to court, over what she claims is unauthorized use of her likeness. Specifically, the spoiled, bratty character of Lacey Jonas. See something that looked familiar, Lin? Lindsay was trying to do this all the way back in 2014, but it […]