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The Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Is Live

by Peter Paltridgeon September 23, 2016
We know what you’re doing in Watch Dogs 2, but why are you doing it? The short answer is “because pretending to cause chaos in a virtual world is fun,” but in the world of the game itself, you’re trying to take down a corrupt company. The company in question is Blume, an organization that […]
watch dogs 2

New Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Video Reveals Multiplayer Madness

by Peter Paltridgeon August 29, 2016
Ubisoft released a new Watch Dogs 2 gameplay video this morning. Some of it is that single-player mode that still needs work, but a LOT of the mutiplayer mode was revealed today and it’s nuts. We still can’t tell you for certain if Watch Dogs 2 will be an improvement over Watch Dogs 1, but […]

watch dogs 2

Climbing Things Will Not Be A Part Of Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay

by Peter Paltridgeon June 22, 2016
Ubisoft introduced the concept of “tower synchronization” in Assassin’s Creed. To progress through the game, you’ve got to scale something tall first. Once you do, a map of the immediate area is unlocked and all your objectives are identified. This mechanic spread from Assassin’s Creed into Ubisoft’s other titles: Far Cry, the first Watch Dogs […]
watch dogs 2

E3 2016: New Watch Dogs 2 Footage

by Peter Paltridgeon June 13, 2016
Ubisoft debuted the first-ever gameplay footage from the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 during their E3 presentation this afternoon. People were hoping the game would be an improvement over the mediocre original. Even if the game DOES play better (and it looks mostly the same), I don’t think I could stand protagonists like this for long. […]

watch dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2: First Trailers And More

by Peter Paltridgeon June 8, 2016
Yes, it’s true, but thanks to multiple leaks you knew that already: Ubisoft is sequeling its mild success Watch Dogs with a followup that will hopefully realize the concept better. The premise is the same as the first: a large metropolis decides to foolishly run every single component of its futuristic infrastructure on the same […]

Get Ready For A Wild Run With Ubisoft’s The Crew Expansion

by Peter Paltridgeon November 18, 2015
The Crew, Ubisoft’s open-world racing game, was released nearly a year ago. It’s taken that long for the company to produce The Crew: Wild Run, the first expansion, but it was worth the wait: there’s a lot in it. There are four new vehicle types now: dragsters, monster trucks, motorcycles and drift cars. Each type […]

The Crew Adds New Cars and Missions

by Shawn Hopkinson February 17, 2015
Ubisoft has updated its open-world racer The Crew with several new free modes and a new paid DLC car pack. The highlight of the free content is the Eliminator PVP mode. This mode adds 10 new PvP races for two to eight players. Players have a set number of “lives” and whenever a timer expires, […]

New Content Coming in The Crew Update Feb. 12

by Shawn Hopkinson February 4, 2015
Ubisoft has announced The Crew will get a significant patch Feb. 12 adding some new content and some big bugfixes to the game. Most significant, we’ll see a new elimination race mode with 10 new tracks. Four new faction missions are also coming in the update. The update also includes a number of bugfixes including […]

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Ubisoft Says Watch Dogs 2 Will Take Risks To Improve the Franchise

by Shawn Hopkinson January 16, 2015
I was quite torn about Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs. It featured some rather fun gameplay, cool ideas and a nicely realized city, then coupled it with one of the worst stories and most obnoxious lead characters in AAA gaming history. So it’s good to hear that Watch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin believes in taking […]
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Movie-Maker Feature Planned For The Crew

by Shawn Hopkinson January 15, 2015
According to recent article in EDGE Magazine, via Videogamer, new camera features and the ability for users to create gameplay movies is planned for Ubisoft and Ivory Tower’s MMO Racer. Ivory Tower Design Director Stephane Beley told the magazine that extra camera features didn’t make it in the game because of development deadlines, but they […]