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GTA Online Introduces New Adversary Mode, Entourage

by Peter Paltridgeon August 2, 2016
GTA Online has a new adversary mode, a VIP match known as Entourage. In Entourage, one team is tasked with the job of protecting one of their players — this player has ammunition on his person and is wearing armor, but he needs the extra bodyguards because a gang of assassins (the opposing team) is […]
in and out

New GTA V Mode Introduced: “In And Out”

by Peter Paltridgeon May 5, 2016
As of May 3, there’s a new way to play GTA Online: In and Out. In this recently added mode, one team of players must successfully deliver eight packages to win, while the opposing team has to stop them through any means possible. If you play In and Out through the Adversary Mode playlist, you’ll […]

inch by inch

GTA Online Introduces New Gameplay With “Inch By Inch”

by Peter Paltridgeon April 11, 2016
Today is the one-year anniversary of GTA Online’s debut on PC. And to mark the occasion, Rockstar has introduced a new activity to Los Santos: “Inch By Inch.” It’s an adversary mode that’s half football, half Keepaway, all chaos. Players form two teams. One team is carrying a package; the goal of both is to […]

What GTA V’s New Patch Improves

by Peter Paltridgeon March 17, 2016
A better question would be what it doesn’t improve. Nearly all of the notes on this bullet list begin with “Fixed an issue where.” Rockstar did some heavy-duty work to GTA V on March 15. These are the full patch notes. If you’ve run across a bug, hit Control-F and see if they caught it…. […]

New GTA Online Update — Lowriders: Custom Classics

by Peter Paltridgeon March 16, 2016
After a long wait, there’s finally a new update available for GTA Online. Lowriders: Custom Classics introduces some new customization options for four cars, which will turn them into the Vapid Slamvan, the Dundreary Virgo Classic, the Willard Faction, and the Custom Donk. More importantly it adds new weaponry in the form of the Compact […]
just cause 3 patch

Here Comes The First Just Cause 3 Patch

by Peter Paltridgeon December 16, 2015
Tired of stuttering framerates and loooong load times in Just Cause 3? Help will be arriving shortly. Avalanche Studios has announced their first patch for the game is almost ready. Clear 132.1 MB worth of space on your hard drive and get ready for Version 1.02, which will create the following according to the JC3 […]

New GTA V Update: Executives And Other Criminals

by Peter Paltridgeon December 10, 2015
The next free update to Grand Theft Auto V is coming in a few days. Announced by Rockstar today, it’s called “Executives and Other Criminals” and lets players band together and cooperatively establish their own crime syndicate. The update includes new missions, new customizable apartments, new real estate in Vinewood, new gameplay modes and tons […]

Patch On The Way For Just Cause 3’s PC Version

by Peter Paltridgeon December 3, 2015
You might have heard there’s a strange framerate issue with the PC version of Just Cause 3. The number of frames stutters sometimes, while other times slowing down to levels not seen since the great Rare on N64 days — by that, I mean around ten frames a second. Avalanche Studios’ global community manager, Petra […]


Special Halloween Event Begins Today In GTA Online

by Peter Paltridgeon October 30, 2015
Logging on to GTA Online during Halloween weekend will net you a few treats — and maybe some tricks. As in past events, you’ll get a free T-shirt when you log on, and it’ll be different depending on which day it is. All three are pictured above, and here’s when you can get: Knife After […]

Lowriders Update For GTA Online Now Has Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon October 16, 2015
Yesterday we reported a new update to GTA Online entitled “Lowriders” would be bringing the namesake cars to Los Santos, along with some new items and events. Today Rockstar followed that announcement with the update’s official trailer, narrated by Lamar. Check it out below…. Lowriders will add six lowrider cars and a new customs shop, […]