Walk on Water With GTA V Glitch

by on July 8, 2014

Let’s face it, the characters in Grand Theft Auto V aren’t exactly candidates for sainthood. And your GTA Online character is probably worse. So no one’s expecting any miracles out of those guys.

With a little glitchy magic, however, you can get those gasps of mystical awe you desire.

This glitch is from, let me double-check, yeah, he calls himself BIG Spaz, a guy who obviously has no self-esteem issues. The glitch is very easy to do, you simply need to find a ramp that leads down into the water, pull your gun close to a wall, and then walk up the ramp. You’ll know you did it right if your character is walking with “jelly legs,” then you can pick your height and run out of the water.

Unfortunately, just like that other guy who walked on water, once you’ve demonstrated your miracles you have to die, which is the only way to reset the glitch.

BIG Spaz has also demonstrated a way to expand on the glitch to walk up into the sky, which is even cooler.

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