Are you ready for Watch_Dogs?

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  1. GTA Forums Admin Administrator

    Watch_Dogs is coming to Steam, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U starting November 19. For more information on Watch_Dogs, click on the below image:

    Here's the 14 minute gameplay demo. After seeing this, will you be buying it?

  2. Oakster Member

    Great to see this topic here as it's the game I'm looking forward to the most after GTA V.
    I'll definitely be getting it, it looks amazing!
  3. NatureSun Member

    This will probably be the only game I buy for my PS4 this year. It just looks so amazing! I love open world games and this seems to be the best one coming out for PS4 in the launch window.

    I love the mechanics and gameplay they're showing as well. And if it's as good as they make it seem then this should really be something to look out for.
  4. wowtgp Member

    I am going to buy this game for the PC platform since this will be the best platform to buy this game. Moreover, it is a shooter. So, buying it for console is a big no no for me. Playing a shooter on console is really awkward to me.
  5. ENO1986 Member

    It looks like it will be a fun exciting game and can't wait for it to come out I plan on buying it for the PC!
  6. Franklin New Member

    after watching that video - how do people think the graphics/dialogue match up with gtav?

    i'm thinking dialogue is favorable whereas graphics, not so much
  7. GTA Guy New Member

  8. Nub_Cannon Member

    Damn, this game looks cool. I can't wait to see more!
  9. wowtgp Member

    It's still more than one month away. Good thing is that GTA V is already here. I don't need to play anything else for the time being as GTA has consumed all my time. No other game is directly competing with GTA V. It's really wise move by Ubisoft to not release this game near GTA V's release.
  10. Oakster Member

    I don't think anyone could compete with GTA V :)
    That's why there's barely anything of note coming out these weeks, only Beyond Two Souls and that's a PS3 exclusive.
  11. wowtgp Member

    Yes, I don;t think it's worth competing with GTA 5. You are going to end up hurting the sales of your game. That's why Watch Dogs Dev has clearly stated that they are not looking to be compared and compete with GTA 5.
  12. Chaos Member

    Hell yeah, it looks amazing from the trailer and screens. It will probably be one of the best games of 2013. It will definitely compete for the title with GTA and AC Black Flag
  13. Chaos Member

    Hell yeah, it looks amazing from the trailer and screens. It will probably be one of the best games of 2013. It will definitely compete for the title with GTA and AC Black Flag:)
  14. ridwan sameer New Member

    I want to get it, But spent so much on games recently [Hello GTA V And Last Of Us]
    But.. I'll probably end up getting it sooner or later [Later most probably]
    Or will buy it off a sale for the PC
  15. MedeaWakoski Member

    I need to finish all the games I have now, and I'm already so busy, so no, I'm not ready! Haha!
  16. Depends on when I get the PS4. So, basically I'll splurge a lot of money in one go, getting my PS4, Watch Dogs and GTA V.
  17. ChristosR New Member

    I'm definitely saving some cash for this game! I remember watching Jimmy Fallon playing the demo on his show ( Gotta love Jimmy Fallon!) and i thought to myself that i must acquire this game, no matter what!
  18. Stiflex New Member

    This looks exactly like far cry 3, but with hacking - somehow this game still attracts me - regardless of it having the same features like in most ubisoft games. Honestly the whole plot got me into the game, and I can't wait for it to come out.
  19. ridwan sameer New Member

    Far Cry? Really? Far cry 3 was more..Greener..
    To me it looks a bit like Crysis 3 With all the "Blues" and "greys" in it.
    And that on screen effect is almost like when your cry suit was damaged
  20. xlzqwerty1 Member

    Whoever said the game looks like Far Cry 3, you're funny. This is in no way any similar to a game involving a tropical green island filled with trees and forests. It's not even an FPS game. I wouldn't even compare this game to Crysis, it is in no way similar to that either. Crysis focused on graphics more than anything, and while this is a next gen game with good graphics, all games have HUGE differences from one another. Obviously story is the main thing that is different, but the whole gameplay mechanics is what should also be considered. You're not running to kill aliens or pirates here in Watch Dogs.